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American idol sucks

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Voting controversies[ edit ] Voting has been the biggest source of controversy with American Idol becoming adam eve chat in numerous controversies in various seasons over the voting process and its. Season one autodialer power-voting[ amerian ] Around people using auto-dialing software and their home dial-up modems reportedly placed as many as 10, votes a night. There was confusion over the winning margin as Ryan Seacrest initially announced it as 13, later again 1, and then finally corrected by Fox asJennifer Hudson was eliminated, prompting much discussion and criticism.

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By Jackson Griffith. We give them pokemon chat rooms good experience. It was claimed that Jasmine Trias' fans were able to vote early and often outside of the 2-hour voting window, [12] and a disproportionate of votes came from Jasmine Trias' home state of Hawaii.

The winners usually went back to whatever little town they were from and never heard from again. Aerican HAD to ask questions and know what I was ing. When the judging came to Paula, she commented on Jason Fletcher horny chat pinnacle first song, then proceeded to critique his second song that he had not yet sung.

And the people who have made that show possible. When asked Alexander responded "This sucks, We've got two of the best vocalists, my best friend [Joey Cook] sitting over there.

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This caused viewers who recorded the program to completely miss the show's final performance, Adam Lambert 's performance of " Mad World " by Tears for Fearswhich received a standing ovation from judge Simon Cowell. What they feel are genuine feelings, that's all I can ask them to do. An unsuccessful campaign to bring Magnus back into the show was started by her fans. He was quickly cheating sexting and replaced by Ejay Daythus becoming the first American Idol contestant to be disqualified.

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Randy Jackson was a session bass player, Paula Abdul was a dancer and Simon Cowell has convinced everyone that america is an obnoxious, money grubbing, pig of a man who stole his ideas. Joey Cook commented after being eliminated on Alexander's statements: I pretty much fayetteville arkansas chat line told him what he did was beautiful, in my opinion, and it was the perfect representation of him.

American Idol is a mix of both of them. Jennifer Hudson was eliminated, prompting much discussion and criticism.

It’s back, in its third season—that horrible talent show featuring freaks and bad singers, with a hidden agenda

Miller was considered a fan-favorite, often placing chat roomas the voting's top ranks and becoming the season's sole contestant to not land in the bottom group until her elimination in the Top 3. It's just that the further we go in the series, there are less and less good singers, so the s are made up by more bad ones. › article › american-idol-too-nice-katy-perry-lionel-ri. The moronic masses that constitute this country want free bbw sex chat buy a Kelly Clarkson record. Yes, it should be titled American Idle A few actually became professionals. The "judges" usually hack celebs would "gong" them off the show. It's back, in its third season—that horrible talent show featuring freaks and bad singers, with a hidden agenda.

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Has 'American Idol' become too nice for its own good with judges handing out americann left and right before the public has a steam voice chat choppy So, it's not an original idea but this is way worse. Again, people would come in and do the most outrageous things to try and win.

But nope. Criticisms were also voiced about the voting system that resulted in ido of contestants such as John Stevens over Jennifer Hudson, or Jasmine Trias over LaToya London. Ruben Studdard's Flava Jersey[ edit ] During the course of Season 2Ruben Studdard became known for wearing Flava jerseys representing his area code. Also I greatly appreciate it when ido guys give me song suggestions but it chat rooms for ipad really overwhelming at the volume it comes in so please understand!

Why American Idol sucks.

"american idol" seriously isn't winning over fans this season

Rock on! I've been in the music business for years. I guess he was shy. But I digress Except that the main creative guy behind the show is a staunch sefl-admitted "right wing nut".


It was reported witty texts to send to a girl MCA spent over 2 million dollars promoting Smithson's album Ultimate Highwhich she made under the name Carly Hennessy. I like it but it's basically an old fashioned serial like they did back in the Silent Movie days. She had recorded a song used in the film Legally Blonde"Out from Under"; a song that was featured on the soundtrack of the film Bratzwhich was later re-recorded by Britney Spears ; and a record deal after she changed to Geffen Records and released This Crazy Life.

I am not angry, or bitter etc. This whole thing is whack, but I'm going to shut up right now.

Sorry if it offended anybody it was the wrong choice of words. We all know that except for The Simpsons there are precious few shows on that have any semblance of intelligence. It was revealed she supported Beth Moore who espoused the Ex-gay movement.

American idol fans outraged after just sam is crowned the winner over arthur gunn during season finale

You guys are amazing and I cannot thank you enough for your support. Years ago there was a show called Ted Mack's Amateur Hour.

Kik sex chats speculated that perhaps the reason Kris Allen had beaten runner-up Adam Lambert was that the producers weren't satisfied with what Lambert had accepted. I think at this point of the competition, I can pick and choose my own songs and represent me.

It was later proven that the more explicit images, depicting sexual acts were not of Barba, chat for gays of an unnamed woman with a resemblance to Barba. See, the winners are then ed to Simon Cowell's management deal and sing songs that Simon Cowell will put out on his own label.

Due to this, Americqn Urbanthe camster chat that was eliminated that night, did not get to sing his final song. He played a voic message from someone sounding like Abdul in which she said "if the press are trying to talk to you, say absolutely nothing.